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Pure Collagen with Liver (120 Capsules)


Organic Collagen Australia’s collagen and liver capsules contain a mix of Pure hydrolyzed collagen and liver derived from Australian, pasture-raised, and grass-fed Certified Organic cattle. The capsules combine the pure protein of the hydrolyzed collagen with the densely packed nutrition of the liver into a potent, natural superfood.

Collagen studies suggest improvements to hair, nails and skin tone, texture & elasticity resulting in the reduction of the appearance of fine lines and a more youthful complexion.  Collagen is also known to provide potent regenerative effects on muscles, ligaments, bones, joints and the gut.

Combine this with our 100% organic bovine liver and you have a power-packed, highly bioavailable, all-natural superfood – rich in Vitamin A & B12 to boost your immune system and support your daily energy demands to help you perform stronger for longer.

  • Nutrient-dense superfood
  • Liver is the richest natural source of Vitamin A
  • Good source of Vitamin B12
  • Vitamin B12 supports healthy energy levels
  • Vitamin B12 & Folate support normal immune system function
  • Promotes hair & skin health
  • Natural wholefood
  • Paleo & Keto friendly
  • Preservative & Gluten Free
  • Adults take 4 capsules per day.
  • Each bottle provides a one-month supply based on this suggested dosage.
  • Our studies show that 8-12 weeks is the typical timeframe to start seeing visible benefits of our wholefood supplements containing Pure hydrolyzed collagen.

Paleo & Keto Friendly.

Preservative & Gluten free.

Each capsule contains:
  • Pure hydrolyzed collagen
  • Pure bovine liver
  • Veg capsule
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Customer Reviews


My energy went from zero to hero

I started taking the liver supplement when I went back to work in early January. I had been feeling exhausted and was struggling to concentrate and focus. After 4 days my husband asked me what was going on? Even he had noticed how much energy and focus I had. Please don’t ever discontinue. This working mama wouldn’t cope!


Erin C.

Increased energy

I used this product and after 2-3 days I absolutely felt like I had more energy which has been super exciting! Will definitely be buying more, thanks guys!