Pure Liver (120 Capsules)


Organic Collagen Australia’s Pure liver capsules contain premium freeze-dried liver powder from Australian grass-fed, pasture-raised and Certified Organic cattle. Liver is one of the most nutritionally dense foods in the world and is packed full of essential nutrients, such as iron, zinc, vitamin A and B12.

Organic Collagen Australia’s quality liver wholefood capsules provide a natural way of obtaining nutrients essential for overall health and wellness. Vitamin A is a powerful antioxidant that is essential for healthy eye function and vision and boosts your immune system.

Vitamin B12 aids in balancing free radicals and antioxidants in your body to reduce oxidative stress and fight the visible signs of ageing. Vitamin B12 promotes strength and vitality by reducing fatigue and increasing energy so that you can perform even better, for longer.

  • Good source of vitamin A & vitamin B12
  • Liver is the richest natural source of vitamin A
  • Good source of folate
  • Vitamin B12 supports healthy energy levels
  • Vitamin A supports healthy eyesight
  • Paleo & Keto friendly
  • Preservative & Gluten Free
  • Adults take 4 capsules per day.
  • Each bottle provides a one-month supply based on this suggested dosage.
  • Our studies show that 8-12 weeks is the typical timeframe to start seeing visible benefits of wholefood supplements.

Paleo & Keto Friendly.

Preservative & Gluten free.

Each capsule contains:
  • Pure bovine liver
  • Veg capsule
Pure Liver03

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Customer Reviews

Brydie L

Fantastic energy pills

Love these! Provides an energy boost and allows you to just keep going. They have made noticeable difference to my ability to get it all done. I felt the difference within a week. I am a big fan.


Fiona D.

Best. Product. Ever.

I have been amazed by these tablets. I am calling them the holy grail of working mums everywhere! Being a full time working mum of three, there is not a lot of downtime in my life. I had thought the constant tiredness, lack of energy and general ‘ho-hum’ness of my day was normal. Well, not anymore! A week after taking these little beauties I feel like a new woman! I am a vegetarian as I do not like the taste of meat. After reading the reported benefits of liver, I had thought that I would give liver a try. After a lot of research, I was only interested in buying organic liver and an Australian product. I love that I am getting all the benefits of liver but I don’t have to cook it and eat it. These have honestly been a game changer for me and I have recommended them to all my girlfriends. Thank you OCA for offering a product that actually works!!!!


Michael B.

B12 energy

Great product to get that instant energy!



Energy in a bottle

Awesome for we working mummas! Convenient and easy to take. Have noticed a significant increase in energy after taking these.


Michael B

Brilliant enery supp

Brilliant enery supp Every day necessity.