Why choose Organic Collagen?

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We believe in doing better and being better and that’s why we wanted to produce a hydrolyzed collagen without detriment to the environment. That is, a highly bioavailable collagen produced without harmful additives, nasty chemicals or heavy metals. Our hydrolyzed collagen is produced from ethically farmed animals, resulting in a scientifically validated amino acid profile superior to any competitive collagen currently available.

Why Organic?

Organic means that everyone and everything in the process abides by the rules. These rules protect the land and animals, eliminate harmful chemicals and ensure the purest, most authentic product for consumers.

We are 100% clean & green. But what does that even mean?

Organic Collagen Australia is a 100% clean & green, 100% Australian-made skincare and wholefoods range. We believe in creating a better future and a sustainable one at that! We want to create a minimal footprint in our product, treat our animals ethically and use all-natural ingredients. But we don’t stop there – our technology is also clean & green and we use solar panels to provide energy for our equipment.

Traditional collagen production has been trapped in industrial processes that have serious impacts on the environment, animals and consumers. With climate change in the news, our challenge was to find a better way, and we did! The creation of the world’s first Organic collagen is a game changer.

So, where do you source your collagen?

The majority of collagen supplements on the market today come from bovine, porcine or marine sources. Our collagen is bovine collagen from 100% Certified Organic Australian cattle – sourced from a beautiful ‘rolling green hills’ farm in Southern Queensland. We are proud to support our Australian farmers to produce our world first Organic collagen!

How is Organic collagen made?

With love! We take pasture-raised and grass-fed Certified Organic bovine hides and place them through our Organic process.  With stringent adherence to food safety, each batch is tested for purity and human consumption. Our Organic collagen comes with added peace of mind that we have used Australian cattle – the only cattle in the world declared BSE free.

Thanks for joining us and we hope we have inspired you to choose our Organic collagen as your go-to hydrolyzed collagen.

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